FINAL EXAM!!!!!!!!!

Cultural Anthropology Final Exam Study Guide

  • 2.      Know the 12 most common Cultural Markers 
  • 3.      Know the 4 fields of anthropology
  • 4.      What are the 5 main Rites of Passage?
  • 5.      What are the 3 stages of any Rite of Passage?
  • 6.      What are the 4 types of RoP?
  • 7.      What is the difference between a ritual and a rite of passage?
  • 8.      What is one purpose of superstitions?  
  • 9.    What is our commitment to a group and our level of cooperation within that group      directly related to?
  • 10. What is the definition of conformity?
  • 11.  Be able to label the pyramid of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • 12. What are the 5 basic characteristics of a clique?
  • 13. What are the 8 characteristics of a cult?
  • 14. Know the "Top 10 of Anthropology"
  • 15. Know the "Top 10 best careers for Anthropology"
  • 16.  Know the lessons of applied anthropology

There is a mix of “Do you know this?” and “Can you apply these concepts?” to this (and every) test.

Any questions when you’re studying?  Feel free to email me.